Saint Vincent de Paul Food Bank at St. Peter

Saint Vincent de Paul (SVDP) at the St. Peter's location makes food deliveries each weekday. Thank you to the countless people who help in this ministry to feed the hungry in the name of Jesus.

If you are in need of help please call (902)-466-6183 ext 275.


How can I help?

Donations are gratefully received before or after every Mass. As well, on Mondays, between 09:30 and 10:30 AM. We are currently in urgent need of:

  • Canned milk

  • Instant coffee (Small Jars)

  • canned beans

  • tomato sauce

  • canned vegetables

  • Kraft dinner

  • peanut butter

  • Reusable bags 


Grocery Bags: We are beginning to use up our supply of plastic bags for our food deliveries. We are looking for donations of bags from grocery, dept./clothing stores etc. These can be plastic or paper. Various sizes are useful; including newspaper and flyer bags.

We also accept financial donations. For more information about how to make a donation click here