Monday Night More

Monday Night More Spring 2022

Presented on the platform by world class speaker, Mike Hart, “Our story: A
Bible Refresher for Catholics,”
will tour the general makeup of the Bible plus explore the Lectio Divina approach to reading Scripture. Other methods of reading the Bible will also be introduced. Fast paced and fun this course will empower you to read Scripture for yourself and help prepare you for more intensive Bible study in the Fall. (Each course is a self contained course. There is no prerequisites to join us for this season of Monday Night More)


This course is offered in-person only. The location will be the Parish Center and the dates and times are from 30th May – 27th June from 7 pm to 8.45 pm. There will be some reading of Scripture so please bring a hard copy Bible of your choosing or utilize your favorite Bible App. This course will be limited to 25 particpants and registration will open in early May.

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