Listening Committee

The Listening Committee would like to thank all who attended the October 19 and 21 meetings which were the first steps in the process of discernment with regard to the possible closure of Immaculate Conception Church and St Pauls Church. The Listening Committee will continue to reach out to parish groups and parishioners as part of this ongoing process. Any parishioners past and present or community members who feel they will be impacted by these potential closures are asked to contact the parish office via phone: 902-466-6183 or e-mail

Here is a letter, addressed to all the faithful of the parish, of Our Lady of Guadalupe, from Archbishop Dunn, concerning the Discernment and goals of our committee.

Here is Archbishop Dunn's announcement from Mass Sunday October 10, 2021, regarding the start of the Decrement process. 

Here is the original letter from our Listening Committee

Here is the Bio's for those on our Listening Committee.