When we enter St. Peter’s Church we are able to see many artistic signs and symbols that help us to pray by directing our hearts and our minds attention toward Christ. Holy images draw our attention toward our Savoir, reminding us that we are not alone, and that we are part of a Church that spans both Heaven and Earth. These signs are a way of uniting ourselves to Christ, and opening ourselves up more fully to his grace in our lives. Christ’s love is transforming, it moves us towards holiness and the fullness of joy. That is the purpose of our new icon of St. Peter, patron of our parish community. The beauty of this icon reveals to us the particular glory of God manifested in this holy man's life. Icons inspire us to meditation, uniting us in prayer with the Word of God, Jesus Christ. As we gaze upon this icon of St. Peter, we seek to understand our call to Christian holiness found in the Word made flesh. Icons are holy images, which are prayerfully written by iconographers. Only pure and natural materials are chosen for the writing of icons. The materials include: solid wood, gold leaf, natural ground and raw pigments, as well as the use of holy oils. Prayer and contemplation by the iconographer envelop each phase of the icon writing process; everything involved in the writing of an icon has spiritual significance rooted in Holy Scripture. Writing an icon is a spiritual journey between God and the iconographer. This icon is a spiritual tool that helps us to unite ourselves to Christ through his Saint. It provides us with material for our meditation, representing St. Peter himself, urging us to mature in our faith as he did. We give glory to Christ as we venerate St. Peter and seek his intercession for ourselves, our parish, and all the Church. As we meditate on his life may we all receive grace to achieve holiness in our own lives.


This original work was undertaken by Iconographer Renée Forrestall