Grab & Go 
School Feeding Program

We understand how important food security is to our school communities.

4.4 million Canadians are living in food-insecure households and 1 in 5 households in Nova Scotia are food insecure.

Norm O'Leary has been running a Grab and Go school feeding program that serves over 220 Dartmouth students each month throughout the school year.

Thanks to your generous support of our Christmas gift catalogue, food donations, and our online appeal, this $5,000 program has been fully funded for the 2021-22 school year!

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"Between 80 and 90 percent of our students avail of the Grab and Go program," says Kim Casey (pictured left), Vice Principal of Harbourview Elementary.

You can support the program in 3 ways:

  • Donate

  • Start an online fundraiser

  • Give in-kind food donations: In-kind donations of Bear Paws cookies, nut-free granola bars, Mini Ritz Bits cheese flavor crackers, School Safe® Banana Chocolate Chip Snack Cakes, and Cheestrings can also be delivered to the church office located at 10 Maple Street, Dartmouth for this initiative anytime during office hours.