The Dreaming Committee would like to thank everyone who took part in the Dreaming Process over the past 5-6 months. We really appreciate the commitment that was shown by everyone throughout this process and value all of your opinions, suggestions and recommendations.


While the “official” Dreaming Session will come to a close at the end of April, we are sure that the dreaming and the excitement will continue as we all work together to renew the St. Peters' location of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, so that we can live out the mission that God is calling us to do; “To be an evangelizing, discipling, worshiping and serving parish community in the Heart of Dartmouth”


We will still be available by email for last minute comments until April 30, 2022 at: dreaming@ourladyofguadalupe.ca

Any parishioners (past and present) or community members who would like to give their input into this process are invited to check out the meetings that took place on the following dates: