A class action lawsuit  was filed in the Nova Scotia Supreme Court in August of 2018.  The class action was certified at the end of March and we now enter a notification phase as part of the lengthy and complicated process of this legal action. This phase requires particular actions on the part of the diocese and all our parishes.


We are required by law to post on the diocesan website and all parish websites, electronic notice of the option to opt-out of the class action. That is, individuals who allege they have been sexually abused by a priest of the Archdiocese have the right to opt-out of this legal process.  The lawyers involved have provided us with the required text for this notice. 


To help prepare pastors, parishes, and all the faithful to receive the news of the class action suit we are providing you with the following resources:​


  1. Video Message From Archbishop Mancini

The Bishop recorded a video message to the faithful to provide context for the class action.  To view this video, click here.

   2. Directions for Public Notice of the Class Action

As part of the terms of the notice period, the diocese and our parishes are legally required to:

  1. Post the attached long form notice, without any changes, in PDF form on your website. Because it is a lengthy document you may want to dedicate the notice to its own page on your website. 

  2. Create a button or box on the front page of your parish website that clearly directs visitors to the notice.  Wording for that button or box: Notice of Class Action Against the Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth – Click here.

  3. This notice cannot be altered in any way and must go “live” on Friday, June 12. It is to remain live on the parish website until October 12, 2020.

   3. Frequently Asked Questions

To help you understand the class action and assist you in answering questions you may receive, we have attached a Frequently Asked Questions document.  This can also be found on our diocesan website: www.halifaxyarmouth.org/classaction