“A place of marginalization can become a place of inclusion and a stimulus for the whole of society, so that it may be more just and attentive to the people.”  -Pope Francis, Address at Guiseppe Salvia Detention Centre, 2015

Within our parish, there are three facilities that support reintegration into society. The Jamieson Correctional Centre houses 40 men, Salvation Army Railton House (20), and the Elizabeth Fry Society Holly House houses 8 women from across the community, including non-offenders. Each facility works to develop plans with individuals to help them achieve personal growth and development. ​

Beyond the Bread organizers Ray and Dorothy Wincey have been serving meals to the residents of these facilities since 2020. They provide take-away meals during Christmas and Easter, as well as an in-person "BBQ" during the summer. 

A $5 donation provides a meal made with love. 

garden at Jamieson.jpg

You can support the program in 3 ways:

  • Share. Let friends, family and colleagues know!

  • Donate. Give or start an online fundraiser

  • Join the team. Do you have a passion to care for the most marginalized in our community? Volunteers are needed to serve meals, prepare & transport food, and to clean the kitchen. To find out more about volunteering, contact us. 

Ray Wincey collects carrots grown by a resident of the Jamieson Centre to cook in the summer BBQ.